6th Grade Studio Art


6th Grade Art 2014-2015

Contact Information:


Mr. Hubbard                          Room 415


BrianHubbard@ssas.org        941-330-1835   Ext. 1415

Course Curriculum:

Welcome to Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences ART! I am looking forward to seeing all of you this year! In the 6th Grade it will be your first year here so we will be discovering the basics about the various Elements & Principles of Design that artists use to create their works of art.   You will be introduced to art history and the roles that art has played throughout the world. We will learn about the different mediums such as drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics.  Experimenting with the different materials will prepare students for entrance into the 7th grade Art.

The course is structured to provide a base of fine art skills and techniques in multiple mediums with opportunities for creative expression. Students will create works of art to explore their interest in the visual arts.



Students in the course will be graded largely on their participation and willingness to complete projects. Grades will be given for bell work. (Assignment at the very beginning of each class) The bell work will be math related.  Other parts of the grade will be classroom work, sketchbook assignments, tests/quizzes, and their participation in class discussions.  Students who are absent will be held responsible for gathering information from the missed day.  Grades will also include overall behavior within the art room, if a student is disruptive, additional written assignments will be required.

Projects:          35%

Quizzes/Test:  30%

Class work:     15%

Homework:     15%

Bell Work:        5%

Behavioral Expectations:


The art room is a different environment than other classroom. In order to keep a safe and productive environment for all students, specific procedures and rules must be followed and any negative behaviors that inhibit student learning or sacrifice student safety, will not be tolerated. Behaviors that have a negative impact on peers, the teacher, or art materials, will be dealt with quickly, fairly, and appropriately.


The art room is an interactive environment with many hands on activities. The very nature of this environment is meant to be fun and full of experimentation. Follow the rules, and we will have a fun, safe, and creative year where you will find the freedom to express yourself and to let others do the same!


Supplies Needed:

You will be expected to bring supplies to every class. If you come to class consistently without supplies, you will be marked as unprepared, which will affect your participation grade.



Sketchbook (you will have homework assignments in your sketchbook)


Supplemental materials

Supplies will be provided, however, the care and quality of the supplies cannot be guaranteed.

Therefore, students are encouraged to bring their own supplies whenever possible.

A set of colored Pencils and Markers would be a good idea to keep in your lockers for class!