Musical Theatre 1

Musical Theatre 1 Syllabus


Teacher:  Mr. Stone

Phone Number: 941-330-1855 x.1113

E-Mail Address:


Course Overview:

This class is designed to build upon the basic Theatre skills learned in the 6th Grade Drama Wheel, while integrating Musical Theatre rehearsals and performances throughout the school year. The student will continue to develop his/her acting skills while studying the following:

  • Voice
  • Improvisation
  • Characterization
  • Theatre Production


Students will learn through hands-on activities as well as classroom discussion, rehearsal, and several performances.  Please note that this is a performance-based class and participation in all evening performances is MANDATORY.  The student will be expected to keep a Theatre Journal, which will be completed in class.


Course Goal and Objectives:

This goal of this course is for all students to continue to expand their theatrical training in areas of character development and stage production. All students will learn how to work together as a theater community in order to run a performance.  Students will learn how to stage complete musical production numbers.  At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Perform in a scene, given little      or no rehearsal time
  • Use vocal technique to create      specific characters
  • Assess      character traits and background to apply in performance
  • Perform      musical selections for an audience
  • Show working knowledge of the      stage and production process


Grade Distribution:

  • Tests/Quarter Scene Presentations                            35%
  • Quizzes/Classroom Performances                               30%
  • Classwork/Homework/Preparation                                       30%
  • Bellwork                                                                   5%


Students will be graded primarily on the effort they put in to their classwork and in-class performances.  A student will not be graded based solely on each final performance, but on the entire rehearsal/preparation process.  Please note that if a student TRIES to succeed in this class, they WILL succeed in this class.