Student/Parent Contract

Parent/Student Contract


Dear Parents,

I am looking forward to a fantastic year teaching your child.  Efforts will be made to correlate all lessons with the academic core curriculum.

The digital programs will be working with Adobe CC products like Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro. We will be learning how to use the various programs and then using what we’ve learned to create projects that parallel the “real world” experience .  

Speech 1 & 2 This introductory high school course is designed to give students the opportunities to gain poise, develop personal interests, and share responsibilities for group projects. Students will have opportunities to acquire listening skills, to learn fundamentals of oral presentation, to increase their vocabularies through word study and oral presentations, to increase their vocabularies to word studies as it relates to speech, to prepare and present various types of speeches, to participate in group discussions, to experience platform reading and speaking, to receive an introduction to debate, to meet some of the challenges of performing through mass media, and to develop interpersonal communications skills and poise.

In order to provide the best possible learning environment for your digital artist, we will be developing our guidelines for behavior the first day of class.  This plan will give every student the opportunity to manage his or her own behavior and will be in effect at all times.


1.Follow directions the first time they are given.
2.Take care of ALL art materials  (and school facility).  Use tools as demonstrated. Respect all property.
3.Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.  NO GUM ALLOWED.
4.Be to class on time–  Stay in assigned seat or area unless given permission to do otherwise.
5.Work QUIETLY on projects — use time wisely  (NO SOCIALIZING). Respect others at all times.
6. ALWAYS close up all programs at the end of class.

Students, who follow the rules, produce quality work. I will give most of my attention to students who are in my room to learn.  Every student has the right to work in a positive learning environment. If a student chooses to break a rule, the following consequences will be imposed:


1st Offence- Student receives a VERBAL OR VISUAL warning.
2nd Offence- Student receives a writing assignment. (Parents phone call.)
3rd Offence- Behavior essay with parent signature.
4th Offence – In school morning Detention.
5th Offence – County Refferal (one or more days of out of school suspension)

Severe disruption (harassment, fighting, causing harm to another student in any way, destruction of property, defiant behavior)– student is immediately referred to the office (as per student handbook).  All rules in student handbook apply.

All students will be learning about this plan in their first class. They will sign a self-written statement in their agenda attesting that they understand and will adhere to the rules of the Studio and School.


Roll of paper towels

Band Aids


Plastic storage bags (zip-lock style)

Facial tissues

I thank you for anything you might want to send our way.  A donation you might want to consider is one of time.

Thank you for your support. Together, we can make this a terrific experience! Please complete the form below signifying that you have read and agree to the above document.

Please don’t hesitate to call me or E-mail if you have questions.

Phone:   941. 330.1855             Ext.1416.






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