Theatre 1

Drama Wheel Syllabus


Teacher:  Mr. Stone

Phone Number: 941-330-1855

E-Mail Address:


Course Overview:

This class is designed to teach the basic foundations of Drama.  The student will learn to develop his/her acting skills through theatre games, theatre terms and stage directions, and by studying movement through pantomime. The student will write 4 Theatre Journal entries, which will be completed in class.  There will be a final in-class performance scene at the end of the 9 weeks.


Course Goal and Objectives:

The goal of this course is for all students to gain a basic understanding of the theater.  The course is designed to increase the student’s level of performance both on the stage and behind the scenes.  At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Feel more comfortable performing in front of a group
  • Show working knowledge of the stage
  • Understand the player audience relationship
  • Work with a group or partner to prepare a scene


Grade Distribution:

Students will be graded in the following areas:

  • Test/Final Performance                                        20%
  • Quizzes/Classroom Performances                  35%
  • Classwork/ Participation                               40%
  • Bellwork                                                      5%



Students will be graded primarily on the effort they put in to their classwork and in-class performances.  A student will not be graded based solely on each final performance, but on the entire rehearsal/preparation process.  Please note that if a student TRIES to succeed in this class, they WILL succeed in this class.